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Hazel Perk Cafe

21403 John R
Hazel Park, MI 48030
Mom-Fri 7 am-7pm
Sat & Sun 8am=5pm


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Hazel Perk Cafe

Always a fresh pot of coffee on, or something more decadent
Always something different going on


The décor of The Perk is incredible, I felt like I was in a genie's bottle. I found myself sinking into a soft coach and letting the worries of the day drift away. The sandwiches were creative and yummy. I stayed longer than I meant to but made a couple of new friends. During the hard day of the virus, I really could have used more friends to call or write to. Now I feel like I have a couple more people on my comfort list.

Edward Stratton


Ah, the Perk. Hazel Park's south-end comfort station. It's one of the most convenient places I know of to relax, get a bite to eat, and make small talk. Just the kind of place an old man like me needs.



Your friends wish you the best on your new venture.

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